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“Iceni Queen:  A Pirate Yarn”  © 2009 Jason Maffettone, is a 132,000 word Space Opera/Social Satire.  It is the first book in a planned series of five:  “Romance of the Evernight.”  I have begun work on the second.


 Iceni QueenRed

“Being scourge of the galaxy involved more work than he counted on as a young lad; still, he did get to kill the customers and was his own boss.”


Plot Summary:  Julian McAllister, son of an escaped slave, is a favorite son of the Riftward Marches; a loose confederation of colonies founded by pirates, smugglers and mercenaries pushed back over the centuries by the expanding Free Trade Federation. In contact with a dissident naval architect, he conceives the greatest theft in history: to steal the Navy’s most advanced warship, refitting her as a corsair.

Initially successful, he leads his wing, the Lords of Entropy, to the remote Fringeward Expanse and proceeds to terrorize Federation shipping there. Setting themselves up as major players in the region, they make their way home to find the Rift undergoing a genocidal incursion, inspired in no small part by Julian’s recent antics. Assuming command of a hastily assembled fleet of pirate warships and refugee transports, Captain McAllister and the corsairs of the Riftward Marches begin a long journey to establish a new homeland.

En route, they uncover a Federation project called “The Ascendance,” a plan to elevate the human condition by eliminating its surplus population.  After wreaking havoc across colonized space the corsairs succeed in capturing a new system to call their own, but Julian is unprepared for his new role as unwitting folk hero and political figurehead of the rebellion churned in his wake.     Read


Purpose:  An avid reader in general, of science fiction in particular, It has always struck me how medicine and law are impeccably researched in fiction while space “SciFi” gets away with the most insipid technobabble and pseudoscientific tripe. On the other extreme, much “Hard Science Fiction” seems to be dull, populated by stick figures, dated by the time it goes to print, and written by anal-retentive physics Nazis, bitter over time lost stuffed inside of lockers.

I have written privately my entire life and, in the mid 90’s, published a handful of poems in short-lived lit rags like Infinity Ltd, Wicked Mystic and others so impressive I can’t even recall their names. I do have a piece in the second issue of the online poetry journal “” but otherwise have no credentials to speak of.

Despite my lack of formal experience however, I know what makes for a great story: Murder, rape, incest, theft, vandalism, arson, impalement, immolation, mutilation, decapitation, rioting, genocide, mass extinction, dehumanization, degradation, decadence, duplicity, betrayal, revenge, exile, loss, ignorance, intolerance, sectarian violence, savage human indifference, all seven deadly sins, blasphemy (lots of that) singing, dancing, gratuitous foul language, lesbian fighter pilots and genetically engineered ninja assassins.     Read


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Doc Flamingo's Stardust Lounge


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